Annual Maintenance Plan

Peace of mind for as long as you’re with us.

Our Annual Maintenance Plan is designed to keep your keycard locking system working as it did on day one, for years to come. The first 12 months are included as part of your install package, then available as a worthwhile upgrade for an annual fee. You will also retain access to our Member’s Area for handy tips, guides and exclusive content.

Some of the services included in the plan are:

  • Full lock service including battery replacement
  • On-site lock recalibration day
  • Repair of faulty locks
  • Miscellaneous spares replacement
  • Extended encoder warranty
  • 15% off keycard re-orders
  • Remote software assistance, system training and system amendments
  • 24/7 telephone helpline
  • Emergency call-out service
  • Replacement override keys
  • Daily ‘cloud’ back up service for your software

See our Annual Maintenance Plan in more detail.

Contact us to upgrade to our Annual Maintenance Plan.

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All installation and commissioning of our locks in the Republic of Ireland is carried out by PSA licensed contractors