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Electronic keycard locks for student accommodation

Electronic keycard locks for student accommodation

TLJ’s keycard locks banish the problem of lost keys forever. An invaluable feature of any student accommodation or hall of residence, TLJ’s keycard locks are robust, reliable and come with a market-leading 3 year warranty.

Traditional mechanical, metal keys are replaced with keycards which operate via ‘contactless’ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Simple, convenient and secure, TLJ’s keycard locks and access readers enhance security and convenience for students and simplify operations for management staff.

At the heart of the system is TLJ’s software platform. Precisely configurable, it can accommodate not only student’s own rooms but communal doors and shared areas such as laundry, main entrance, common room and gym.

For those looking to control energy costs, our fully integrated energy saving switches mean no more electrical appliances left on without anyone in the room.

Flexible payments solutions ensure there is an access control solution to suit every budget.

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