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TLJ’s access control solutions are a perfect fit for residential developments of any complexity. Our keycard locks are available in a variety of styles and finishes, complementing almost any installation. TLJ access readers are perfect for shared doors where higher volumes of traffic are experienced.

Traditional mechanical, metal keys are replaced with keycards that operate via ‘contactless’ Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Simple, convenient and secure, TLJ’s electronic locking systems enhance the convenience and security for all residents.

As part of a fully integrated solution, TLJ’s electronic keycards can be configured to operate individual apartments, stairway access, elevators, communal areas and the main entrance.

At the heart of the system is TLJ’s software platform, precisely configurable to your building and room layout.

Flexible payments solutions ensure there is an access control solution to suit every budget.

Case studies


Staycity Serviced Apartments

Staycity Serviced Apartments in the West End of Edinburgh are located within half a mile of the Haymarket railway station.

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Borough of Broxbourne

Broxbourne Borough Council provides a range of temporary accommodation for people that find themselves to be homeless.

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Ireland Lodge Care Home

Ireland Lodge run by Brighton & Hove City Council is a registered care home for up to twenty three people.

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