Lift / Elevator Controller

Enhance convenience and guest room security with our lift controllers.

Using the same Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as our contactless door locks, the lift controller can be fully integrated into your existing elevator system. It gives you complete control over the floor movements of guests, with access permissions being stored on the keycard, fob or wristband.

It gives you complete control over the floor movements of guests

Lift / Elevator Controller


  • Seamless guest experience
  • Full control over floor movement of guests
  • Enhanced guest security
  • Time-dependent access control to floors, e.g. for housekeeping or contractors
  • Controlled by TLJ ALMS software

TLJ’s lift control system is provided on a supply-only basis. Price and project viability are subject to a site survey and full cooperation from the lift manufacturer or supplier.

The controller can be interfaced with the majority of lifts and elevators, including CISA and Schindler. Our reader is installed discreetly with the lift control panel, either in the manufacturing process or as a retrofit.

3 year warranty on all locks

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Lift / Elevator Controller

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