Key Fobs and Wristbands

Some situations mean that keycards are not always the best solution. For example, it may be inconvenient for users to carry a keycard around with them, or they may need to be used in harsh environments.

That’s why we offer handy key fobs which the user can attach to a conventional keyring. This solution is especially popular in student accommodation buildings.

For environments like spas, gymnasiums and leisure facilities our waterproof wristbands are silicone based and especially robust and convenient.

Key Fobs and Wristbands

Did you know?

Our key fobs and wristbands work in exactly the same way as our keycards, using RFID contactless technology. They are designed to work exclusively with our locks and access controllers. This makes them highly secure and massively reduces the risk of fraudulent use.

3 year warranty on all locks

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