Energy Saving Switches

TLJ’s innovative solution to reduce energy consumption and minimise wastage. Our energy saving switches can control all commonly used appliances, including lights, air conditioners and TVs.

Simply slide a TLJ keycard into the energy saver to energise the room’s power circuits.

reduce energy consumption and minimise wastage

Energy Saving Switches
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  • Reduced energy consumption. Lights, TVs etc cannot be left on with the card removed from the device
  • Safe and secure – cannot be bypassed, only accepts TLJ keycard made for that specific room
  • Available in a variety of finishes

Did you know?

TLJ offer a variety of energy saving solutions:

  • Standard switch – accepts any card, lowest security
  • Intelligent switch – accepts any contactless card (e.g. Mifare), medium security
  • Super Intelligent switch – accepts only TLJ Keycard made for that specific room, highest security and our most popular model

Please note: a qualified electrician is required to install the devices and all associated wiring.

3 year warranty on all locks

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Energy Saving Switches

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