TLJ Connect

TLJ Connect

With TLJ Connect, you get all the benefits of an integrated, online lock system at a fraction of the cost.

TLJ Connect marries offline electronic contactless door locks with online access control wall readers, to create a virtual online access control environment. The door access key card, fob or wristband is employed as the method of transferring information and instructions between the TLJ ALMS software platform and the electronic access control system.

  • An integrated, online electronic lock system at a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired solution for a smarter building
  • No additional wiring is needed for any doors. The key card acts as a portable read/write device
  • An offline door lock enables the online access control to communicate with the software, mimicking a fully online set up

There are low batteries in a bedroom door lock, which is offline. When a key card is used to open the door, the lock passes the ‘low battery’ warning to the keycard. The next time the key card is used with an online Access Control Wall Reader (e.g. in a corridor or main entrance) the information is passed from the key card to the reader. The ‘low battery’ warning is uploaded to the TLJ software and the operator is alerted, helping you to untangle door access control.

An introduction to TLJ Connect, our innovate, low cost method of integrating 'offline' electronic door locks with our 'online' access control system. Take control of all your room locks as if you were running a full online solution, but at a fraction of the cost.

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