TLJ receive high praise at the Bentley Hotel

Singing one’s own praises, or indeed blowing one’s own trumpet, can appear rather unseemly. But it’s hard not to get carried away when you receive the kind of amazing feedback we’ve had on a recent project.

The Bentley Hotel in Motherwell is a well known sight in the Scottish town. Originally built for Colonel Black of the famous Cameronians in 1874, the exterior of the building has retained its character whilst now housing a locally renowned restaurant and high-end 18 bedroom hotel.

A recent renovation project saw local joinery and construction company Pegasus Contracts install the TLJ Infinity electronic contactless lock on all guest rooms. Subsequently, TLJ’s in-house engineers visited site to install a contactless access reader and controller to the main entrance door, fully compatible and integrated with the room locks. Nothing unusual so far you might think, but upon contacting Douglas, one of the senior directors, for comment, we had a rather pleasant surprise. We’ll let Douglas pick up the tale from here…

We bought the failing Bentley Hotel in Motherwell just before COVID lockdown, with the aim of turning the place around. The lockdown strangely did us a favour, as it gave us the opportunity to upgrade and renovate without inconveniencing guests. As part of the upgrade I knew I wanted some form of electronic locks on the bedrooms, and some system to secure the main entrance. We were having brand new doors installed on the rooms anyway, so it seemed the perfect time to do it.

I had searched online and found some cheap key card locks on eBay. They looked okay on the face of it, but I had nagging doubts about reliability, safety and what comeback I would have if they went faulty. So a quick internet search brought up this company called TLJ Access Control. I left them an enquiry, and one of their sales team, Scott, came back to me almost straight way. We immediately got on as he was not pushy in any way; he just listened to what I had to say, asked me a few questions and came up with a solution there and then. I thought that having our joinery contractors install the locks might be a show-stopper but no, you were able to supply the locks along with detailed cutting diagrams for our joiners. The whole process was massively encouraging as I had dealt with companies like yourselves in the past and had really bad experiences.

We then ordered the access control system for our front door. One of your engineers, Carl, came up with all the kit and installed it. He was great, a real pleasure to have on site. The job was done quickly with hardly any mess or disruption. He showed us how to operate the system, programming doors and making room cards. He was very patient with us! He even stayed behind after the job was done to take a look at our exit bar, giving extra help and advice. This, I consider, was going above and beyond anything he needed to do.

Overall, the experience with TLJ has been nothing short of outstanding. We have already begun work on another hotel in the group and TLJ will definitely be supplying the locks there - providing we can have Carl as the engineer!

Genuine feedback like this is, of course, great to have. It shows our commitment to ‘extra mile’ service is appreciated by clients, especially in these unusual times. We look forward to delivering to the same standard on all our future projects.

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