TLJ Identity electronic lock gains PAS 24 accreditation

We’ve done it again! Happy to report that our TLJ Identity electronic lock has successfully gained its PAS 24:2016 certification.

It passed all tests with flying colours, helping us to retain our Secured by Design accreditation.

During this rigorous assessment the tester can attempt various procedures for up to 3 minutes each, including sustained attacks from crowbars, chisels and the like. Because these tests are conducted under strict laboratory conditions, where the tester has an opportunity to inspect the lock beforehand, then it is reasonable to assume that the lock’s performance is likely to better out in the field. Some PAS 24 locks have proved so effective that the police service has had to reconsider its methods of forcing an entry when executing a warrant to arrest, for example, drug dealers! For our customers it provides peace of mind, and the confidence that TLJ’s locks confirm to the highest standards of security.

The Identity electronic lock features a distinctive ‘split’ handle and latch design, and is ideal for new-build projects and refurbishment projects where concealment of holes from previous locks is not an issue.

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All installation and commissioning of our locks in the Republic of Ireland is carried out by PSA licensed contractors