TLJ have Got Your Back!

​You know how it is, every contractor under the sun claims to put their client “at the heart of what they do”, “put the customer first” or have a “customer-centric culture”. But these are just sound bites and fancy words, where are the facts to support such bold claims?

Well, at TLJ we thought we’d do something about it. We analysed what we actually do to benefit our customers on a day-to-day basis. We looked at everything from product development to aftersales service, then considered how we could best present the findings. The outcome is what we call “We’ve Got Your Back”, a unique approach that takes the pain and risk out of specifying and installing access control on your project.

We’ve split the process into six bite-size chunks and, since a picture paints a thousand words, turned the result into something that’s hopefully more visually appealing than a page of plain text!

Click here to see the results for yourself.

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All installation and commissioning of our locks in the Republic of Ireland is carried out by PSA licensed contractors

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