TLJ Classic locks give Wellwood House a stylish security boost

Wellwood House, a Victorian guest house in a popular Scottish highland town, has chosen a TLJ keycard locking system to provide added security for its guests.

TLJ Security Systems, a leading provider of smart security technologies to the accommodation industry in the UK, offers a range of hotel door keycard locks that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

RFID keycards are an excellent alternative to traditional keys and eradicate the need for a magnetic strip card, which can be easily damaged by friction. RFID cards contain a small chip and induction loop that the transmitter on a keycard reader can access and are known as a ‘contactless’ cards as they allows guests to gain access to their room without physically touching the lock.

The TLJ Classic electronic lock model was chosen for installation on 12 doors at Wellwood House, a beautiful Victorian manor house in Pitlochry, Perthshire, because of its stylish, traditional design and to provide a convenient and secure way for guests to access rooms.
Luke Martin, director at TLJ, says:

TLJ Classic blends seamlessly with this magnificent guest house in Pitlochry, reflecting a traditional grandeur and opulence of Victorian times, and provides a convenient and secure way for guests to enter rooms.

TLJ Classic is popular among more traditional country house style establishments as it adds a hint of style whilst remaining subtle and demure. The lock is available in satin gold and satin chrome finishes.

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