How reliable is TLJ’s Mobile Keys system?

The answer is simple: Mobile Keys is very reliable!

Using state-of-the art but well established Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, smartphones can replace physical access tokens like keycards or fobs. Locksets such as our TLJ Infinity can be specified with BLE on board; learn more about how you can benefit from Mobile Keys here.

Security - both physical and digital - is of course at the top of our agenda. All our locks are professionally tested to resist physical attack beyond industry standards, and carry Secured by Design accreditation.

Digital security is of equal importance these days especially when a third party device, such as a smartphone, is involved. That’s why, as part of our digital security measures, we use UK Fast as our cloud hosting provider. They are a leading ISO-certified provider of secure managed hosting services to some of the UK’s leading brands. As part of their continual infrastructure development, routine maintenance work will take place on 3rd April, between 22:00 and 00:30. We don’t expect any disruption to our Mobile Keys system during this time.

Rest assured, at TLJ, we’ve got your back.

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All installation and commissioning of our locks in the Republic of Ireland is carried out by PSA licensed contractors