Full extent of Grenfell shortcomings revealed

​The full extent of shortcomings in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower in 2016 has been revealed. This week’s report by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) allege five significant breaches of building regulations directly impacted on the tragic loss of life. Reports have also been made that as few as 20% of the fire doors were working properly, and that’s before the question of whether adequate testing ever took place. Conscious of this, TLJ have been fully committed to ensuring our electronic locks and access control systems meet or exceed all current legislative requirements. We’re proud of our CE Marking status, and have produced an informative whitepaper to help customers know what to look for when specifying electronic locks and access control (see here).

The 210-page BRE report says that not only was the cladding chosen badly, the design and installation of windows and cavity barriers was also flawed, turning what had originally been a safe structure into a tinderbox. Read more in The Construction Index’s article here

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