Lift / Elevator Controller

Elevator / Lift Controller

Elevator or Lift Controllers from TLJ bring enhanced convenience and security to your building. The lift control system offers complete management of floor movements of guests, residents and their visitors. Access permissions to specific floors are stored on a TLJ key card or fob, or within a digital Mobile Key for smartphone operation.

In conjunction with TLJ’s Integré door entry system, residents themselves can grant visitor access to their specific floor only.

Smart. Secure. Connected.

The lift / elevator controller integrates directly with lifts and elevators made by the world’s leading manufacturers, including Schindler, Kone and Otis. Our wide range of integrations ensures our lift controllers are compatible with all major smart building apps and property management systems.

  • Seamless guest, resident and visitor experience
  • Full control over floor movement of guests, residents and visitors
  • Enhanced guest, resident and visitor security
  • Time-dependent access control to floors, e.g. for housekeeping or contractors
  • Acts as remote Hotspot for TLJ Connect system
  • Full ‘Secured by Design’ approval for smart building integration

The controller has four possible modes of operation:

  • All Floors and All Lifts (AFAL)
  • Specific Floors and All Lifts (SFAL)
  • All Floors and Specific Lifts (AFSL)
  • Specific Floors and Specific Lifts (SFSL)

Reader can be mounted externally next to the Elevator Call button (AFAL and AFSL modes only) or inside the cart (all modes)

Hotel Indigo Manchester – Victoria Station choose TLJ access control

TLJ have completed a site-wide installation of electronic access control for Hotel Indigo – Victoria Station in Manchester, part of IHG

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