keyClean Key Card Sanitiser

How many different hands have your key cards passed through?

The keyClean® key card sanitiser system from TLJ Access Control is the first of its kind that is specifically designed for plastic key card decontamination.

UV-C light technology kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens on the surface of the card. Ozone is produced during the treatment which enhances the cleaning process.

keyClean Key Card Sanitiser datasheet
Web exclusive price £595 with FREE Accessory Bundle worth £145

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Everything you need is included:

  • keyClean key card sanitiser oven
  • keyClean key card tray (capacity 84 cards)
  • card handling tongs
  • 500 keyClean card pouches
  • 100 disposable gloves

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A guide for hotels on the features, benefits and uses of the keyClean® sanitiser oven. Discover how to clean up to 84 hotel key cards at once, with effective destruction of bacteria and viruses in less than 30 minutes.

  • Compatible with ANY brand of key card, fob or wristband
  • Cleans key cards in 30 minutes
  • UV-C light damages DNA & RNA - bacteria and viruses are destroyed
  • Ozone is produced in the oven chamber which further enhances cleaning
  • Safe and simple process – automatic self-timer & minimum user intervention
  • Everything included - comes with keyClean sanitiser oven plus FREE accessory kit: key card tray, handling tongs, 100 disposable gloves and 500 keyClean card pouches
  • Lamp lifespan >15,000 hours, equivalent to 40 years in daily use
  • Compact and attractive, fits most reception areas. Main unit dimensions: 350mm (W), 210mm (D), 245mm (H)
  • Tangible proof for guests of your commitment to hotel cleanliness
  • Peace of mind for your guests and staff
  • Supports your property’s Clean Regime
  • Powerful marketing tool which gives you a competitive edge
keyClean FAQs

I’ve heard UV-C light can be dangerous. Are these machines safe to use?
The sanitiser oven is precision made with a UV-proof door. If opened during operation, the unit automatically switches off

I’ve got really old cards with magnetic strips on them. Will they be damaged?
No, the sanitiser oven is safe to use with any key card. Note that cleaned mag-stripe cards should be programmed before inserting into the keyClean pouch

How do I know if a card has really been cleaned?
There is no visual indication, however lab tests show that full decontamination is achieved between 20 and 30 minutes

How many cards can I clean at once?
The keyClean tray holds up to 84 cards. Other items can also be cleaned, such as fobs or wristbands

Can I clean anything else in the machine?
The combination of UV-C and Ozone in the keyClean sanitiser oven works on almost any non-porous material. We advise testing a small sample for compatibility

What do I do if the machine breaks down?
We operate a 12-month return to base warranty for keyClean sanitiser ovens. Call 01482 830334 or email for assistance

How can I get hold of more keyClean pouches?
They are available to buy online, please click here to visit our store

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