Key Fobs and Wristbands

At TLJ, we offer a range of wristbands and fobs for the added convenience of your guests and residents. These accessories for access control solutions are especially useful when it may be inconvenient for guests or residents to carry a standard key card around with them.

Fobs and Wristbands

Our handy access control key fobs simply attach to a conventional keyring and weigh almost nothing, making it especially useful for PBSA / student accommodation developments.

For environments including spas, gymnasiums and leisure facilities, our waterproof contactles swristbands are silicone-based and are especially robust and convenient. Because the user wears the RFID wristband, they are less likely to be forgotten and ensures your guest or resident can always gain access!

  • Fobs and wristbands with all the benefits and functionality of a TLJ key card
  • Can be erased and reused unlimited times
  • Ultra-reliable RFID operation, unaffected by electromagnetic fields
  • Encoded only for TLJ locks for added security
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Resistant to a wide range of temperatures
  • Writeback capability, supporting TLJ Connect
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