Integre by TLJ door entry system

Seamless door entry system for apartment buildings and flats

Integré is our all-in-one door entry access control solution that offers seamless access from the main entrance of your building to apartments for residents, guests and visitors.

This sophisticated access control solution brings together main door entry, elevator / lift control and apartment lock activation by smartphone, meeting the needs of developers, operators and users.

Integré comprises of a secure external door entry intercom panel, paired to an intuitive wall-mounted monitor within each apartment. The external intercom panel relays to a TLJ Controller unit to activate the door locking device.

Your residents can then either use the digital keypad, key card (access token) or TLJ Mobile Key to gain entry.

Powerfully simple

The real power of Integré is its ability to provide VoIP (voice and video) communication in real time.

Designed particularly for multi-family, co-living flats and apartments throughout the world, our door intercom system uses the latest proptech hardware and software to offer next-level protection for owners, renters and landlords. Security is enhanced throughout your property with our advanced door entry solution in place.

See how TLJ Integré can work for your building and residents:

Visitor arrives, but has no access fob, uses the intercom to call the resident.

Resident receives video call on apartment monitor or Smartphone.

Resident allows access, auto-unlocking the main entrance calling elevator to the ground floor. Elevator also has a fob reader to control access, but delivers the visitor to the correct floor.

Visitor enters the property via the main entrance and also takes the elevator to the correct floor without a fob.

TLJ’s wide range of integrations ensures Integré is compatible with all major smart building apps and property management systems.

  • Uses IPv6 for plug and play installation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled – requires only a network connection
  • Apartment monitors can be used for P2P voice messaging with other residents
  • Lift/elevator interface offers complete door entry solution
  • Visitors can be granted access remotely
  • Controlled by TLJ ALMS software
  • Smartphone divert option for apartment monitors – your residents can divert calls from their intercom to a smartphone when not at home
  • Full Secured by Design approval for smart building integration
  • PoE IEEE 802.3af class 0
  • Ethernet bandwidth requirement 1Mb/s multicast per panel during call
  • Max Panels per system 128pcs
  • Max Monitors per system 1024pcs
  • Max cable length 100 meters
  • Cable type Cat5e/Cat6
  • Current consumption 1.4W (standby) 4.2W (max)
  • Panel embedded reader 13.56Mhz TLJ Access Control
  • PIN code entry integrated within touchscreen
  • Panel material stainless steel 304
  • Audio/video full duplex/full colour LED capacitive touch screen with anti-finger-mark coating
  • Operating temperature panel: -20°C ~ +50°C IP45, Monitor: 0°C ~ +49°C
  • Mounting surface or flush
  • Call diverting to smartphone
  • Caller snapshot photo
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