antiBac Handle Coating

antiBac Handle Coating

TLJ’s innovative antiBac coating for door handles is laboratory tested to virtually eliminate viruses, bacteria and microbes on door handles - a core customer touch point.

Nano-technology uses photocatalytic activation of titanium oxide on the surface of the handle. Ordinary UV in natural or artificial light activates the compound which neutralises any microbes it comes into contact with.

antiBac Handle Coating datasheet
5 year guarantee
5 year guarantee

Independently tested to EN standards with a 5-year guarantee

  • Independently tested to EN standards with a 5-year guarantee
  • Proven to start removing microbes instantly on contact
  • Simple UV activation - permanent suppression of microbial growth
  • Easy maintenance - wipes clean with just water
  • Effective protection against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens
  • No effect on appearance or performance of door lock - fit and forget
  • Peace of mind for your customers and cleaning staff
  • A vital component of your site cleanliness regime
  • A powerful marketing tool that gives your business the competitive edge
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