The Whitechapel

Project details

The Whitechapel is a new 24 room boutique hotel based in London’s East End. The hotels location is ideal for travellers and professionals alike and with the use of bespoke luxury furniture and cosy, natural fabrics the hotel is sophisticated yet functional.

Downstairs guests and visitors can participate in a unique dining experience at the Sahara Grill. Founded in 2004 the Sahara Grill chain aims to provide diners with exciting and top quality dishes of the highest halal standards.

The layout of the hotel has led itself to benefit from the TLJ Lift Controller. Guests and visitors enter the hotel on the ground floor and access the restaurant downstairs via the lift. The lift will go between the restaurant and the ground floor by the touch of a button, however, it will only grant access to the upper floors (housing the guest bedrooms) when the guest presents their keycard. The TLJ Lift Controller recognises the guest’s keycard and will only allow them access to the floor their room is on. Visitors to the hotel will not be able to access any of the upper floors. This is an excellent security feature as it is impossible for people to gain access to areas of the hotel that are out of bounds.

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