The Moat House, Staffordshire

TLJ helps historic manor house hotel prepare to re-open and welcome guests

This beautiful Grade II listed manor house in the picturesque village of Acton Trussell is home to The Moat House - a stunning independent hotel, brimming with contemporary and traditional features, including a tranquil lake.

TLJ Infinity electronic lock - the perfect fit

TLJ were chosen to upgrade the locking system on all guest room doors including family rooms and luxury suites. The Infinity model electronic lock was used, finished in brushed satin gold finish to match the interior decor. TLJ Infinity provided an additional benefit at the Moat House: this model was a direct swap for their obsolete, mag-stripe Ving card locks, keeping installation time and cost to a minimum.

The Infinity features several operating modes as standard: key card, fob or smartphone app. The latter method is particularly relevant post-Covid as it offers entirely contactless operation. Guests can be sent digital Mobile Keys via the Cloud, thus eliminating the need to queue at reception. Furthermore, there is the option to integrate TLJ’s lock management software with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) giving seamless, integrated guest access from booking site to room.

Clean, safe & reassuring

Helping to get the hotel ready to face the challenges of post-lockdown re-opening, TLJ were also happy to include a keyClean® key card sanitiser unit free of charge. For those customers preferring a physical access token, the keyClean system is the first of its kind that is specifically designed for plastic key card decontamination.

UV-C light technology kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens on the surface of the card. Ozone is produced during the treatment which enhances the cleaning process. It’s tangible proof their commitment to hotel cleanliness, giving peace of mind for guests and staff alike.

Jason McManus, TLJ Project Director, said:

We’re really pleased to have helped the Moat House face the challenges of re-opening after the uncertainty of lockdown. We’re confident that our contribution will help in the running of the hotel and give reassurance for guests of the hotel’s full commitment to their safety and security.