Cave Castle Hotel & Country Club

Project details

​TLJ were proud to be chosen as part of Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club’s interior renovation programme. This imposing 19th Century property in East Yorkshire is undergoing six-figure interior refurbishment works, including paint and furnishings.

As part of that programme, TLJ installed over 70 electronic key card locks on bedroom doors and suites, and two electronic access controllers to external public doors. Guests are issued with RFID key cards which are cut on site using TLJ’s dedicated ALMS software. Each card is coded with permissions giving the guest access to their bedroom, external doors and specific areas of the hotel for the duration of their stay. In addition, management and housekeeping staff are issued with convenient wristbands that perform the same function as key cards.

TLJ Infinity locks were chosen for their clean, modern design, durability and exceptional cost effectiveness.

We chose TLJ’s electronic locks based on price, quality and reputation. So far we’re confident we’ve definitely made the right choice in picking TLJ, and not only because they we’re far and away cheaper than their competitors. They took time to properly understand what we wanted to achieve – the unique and varied rooms and areas we have in the castle, and the type of clientele we serve every day.

The locks and door readers look superb in place, and I’ve been amazed by the lack of disruption caused by this major refit. Our decorating team were over the moon when they saw what little needed to be done to the doors after the new locks were fitted. And it’s the little things that make a difference, like the guys thoroughly cleaning up after themselves!

Christopher Lax, Maintenance Manager

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