TLJ helping you through the Corona Crisis

It can have escaped no-one’s attention that the UK is in the ever-tightening grip of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Following its spread across the far east and into mainland Europe, the experts tell us it is only a matter of time before restrictions on travel and public gatherings will be imposed.

With effects already being seen in the economy, on the stock markets and with sporting events, it’s only prudent that TLJ are taking sensible, proportionate and practical measures to ensure business continuity for ourselves and, more importantly, our customers.

How we can help

To that end, we’ve introduced measures such as home-working (wherever possible) and online meeting technology to reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction. All our field engineers have been comprehensively trained in mitigation measures to reduce the spread of the virus, and we’re working with our Service Plan customers in scheduling site visits to minimise exposure.

With the increasing likelihood that postal services may be restricted in the coming weeks, we’re helping our customers to ensure they don’t run out of TLJ key cards or fobs, and have access to sufficient spare locks in the event of a parts failure. Until the end of March* we are happy to offer:

Call us today on 01482 830334 (option 1) to get a quote & remember to mention code COVID19 to get your discount.

Maintaining our service to you

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, in the event of a movement ‘lockdown’ of the type seen in Italy, it’s only customers with a TLJ Service Plan that will have access to round-the-clock remote technical support. If you’re not currently protected by one of our plans, it could be worth getting a personalised quote now – call 01482 830334 or email

Claire Martin, TLJ’s Head of Human Resources, said:

In the UK, the Coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented in modern times. At TLJ we are taking what we believe are sensible measures to protect our staff, our business and, of course, our customers. In the event of a nationwide restriction of movement, we are confident we can still provide a great level of service to support our customers throughout this difficult period.

If you have any questions or concerns about how TLJ can help with your Coronavirus planning, please get in touch.

01482 830334

*Applies to all orders taken and paid for by close of business Tuesday 31st March. Customers must quote code COVID19 to obtain the discount.