TLJ celebrates a decade of access control excellence

TLJ celebrates a decade of access control excellence

From humble beginnings TLJ have come a long way. In the 10 years since the business was incorporated, the team have built a solid and diverse customer base across the construction industry.

In excess of 1,000 builders, contractors, architectural practices, facilities managers, hotels, student accommodation and residential developers have specified TLJ for their access control needs. We install and service tens of thousands of electronic locks every year in the UK.

Family owned and run

A true British success story, TLJ has been family owned and run since the very beginning. From its base in East Yorkshire the company designs, manufactures, installs and services its own range of electronic locks and access control products. We’re especially proud of our service proposition, enhanced by keeping our installation and aftersales operations fully in-house.

SME start-ups suffer significant attrition, so TLJ’s achievement should not be underestimated. Whilst 80% survive their first year, rates drop off quickly with only about half surviving past the 5-year mark, and less than 30% still in business after a decade (source: Forbes).

Cutting edge technology

Things move quickly in the access control industry, and the past 10 years have seen many changes. This has been reflected in TLJ’s product range: less reliable biometric ‘fingerprint’ locks and older magnetic keycard technologies have been replaced by up-to-date contactless electronic locks and access control readers. Becoming increasingly popular is TLJ’s Mobile Keys system: replacing physical keys with the end user’s smartphone, opening locks via secure mobile app. This cutting-edge tech is especially popular in student accommodation developments where residents stay for the longer term. However, many leading hotels and ‘collective living’ projects are also adopting this technology as part of a ‘mobile first’ approach for their customers.

Eyes on the future

Looking ahead, TLJ will be expanding their range with design-led electronic locks tailored for high-end residential developments and, ingeniously, locks suitable for non-standard doors such as those often found in the leisure industry.

Despite a general flattening in the UK economy, hotel room supply is expected to grow by 3% in 2019 (source: PwC). Similarly, purpose-built student accommodation supply is set to grow by over 4% in the same period, meaning demand is still strong in both these key sectors (source: Knight Frank). The major growth area, however, is in the private rented sector where supply has increased by 63% across all categories in the past decade (source: ONS).

TLJ Managing Director, Luke Martin, said:

I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that TLJ have been around for 10 years. From our very humble beginnings we’ve grown into a business that all of us here can be truly proud of. Sure, it’s been hard work but overall there have been many more hits than misses.

The team has grown and continues to do so, but we’re in no rush to expand our numbers for the sake of it; I firmly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to employing really talented people. We’ve punched above our weight and continue to do so, and this is in no small part down to our ethos of managing every stage of the process, from product design to aftersales.

We keep everything in-house at TLJ and know that service is king, something which is reflected in the frankly superb feedback we receive from clients. But we’re not resting on our laurels: we know the marketplace is changing and technology moves apace so we’re ‘future proofing’ our product and service offering to better meet our customers’ needs going forward. Here’s to the next 10 years!

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